Queer Communion

Calling Up Justice practice member Skully designed this event during the Accessible Virtual Pride planning but it was too special and deserved it’s own full workshop. We recommend visiting Whitni Miller’s website for more information about their practice! Attend Queer Communion for information and knowledge on healing from trauma and violence from a queer-centered perspective.

Title: Queer Communion – SA Trigger Planning & DV Support with Whitni & Skully
When: August 2, 2023
Time: 7-9pm EST
Location: Zoom

Investment: $5 (if this investment is unattainable please email [email protected] to discuss)

Queer Communion Described

Join Whitni and Skully, @bdemoves & @skullncajons, in this special trauma-informed session where we share information and knowledge on healing from trauma and violence from a queer-centered perspective. We will cover:

  • Fostering intimacy with a partner who has survived sexual trauma through trigger planning
  • Supporting loved ones who may be experiencing Domestic Violence (DV)
  • With a Q&A to follow.

Who are they:

Whitni Miller, CEO of BDE Moves, is a sex educator & pleasure coach specializing in queer sex & relational communication. She uses Instagram & TikTok to disseminate pleasure centered, sex education to the general population. She is trauma-informed, kink-informed, & utilizes her yoga philosophy background to facilitate healing that empowers her clients to own their pleasure. Her goal is to expand her knowledge & understanding of intimacy, sex, arousal, desire, & all the in between. Ultimately creating a judgment free space for humans to feel safe being curious.

Skully is a state-certified rape and domestic violence crisis counselor who provides support to survivors in hospital emergency departments. As a community organizer, they are focused on mutual aid, disability and gender justice. They are a legally blind queer immigrant and bring their vast experience from the tech and non-profit worlds into their work in activism, community building and social justice.

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