Protocols for Crip Podcasting

audio recording equipment

Content for these protocols developed by: 

Aimi Hamraie, Jarah Moesch, Kevin Gotkin, Kelsie Acton, and Josh Halstead

Last updated: July 25, 2020

The Critical Design Lab developed the following protocols for crip podcasting in the design of the Contra* podcast. This podcast focuses on disability, design justice, and the lifeworld. It recently completed its third season. Contra* typically uses an interview format: host Aimi Hamraie discusses topics related to disability and design with invited guests. Season 1 focused on the contributions of disabled designers to design discourses. Season 2 included disabled artists who used disability culture-centric approaches in the process of artistic creation. Season 3, which captured the early COVID-19 pandemic, offered “Solidarity Chats” on topics ranging from eugenics to mutual aid. Upcoming seasons will adopt the same format while also expanding the range of possibilities in terms of offering captioned video with ASL.


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