Welcome to this review video where we dive into the world of the film “Midsommar” through the insightful lens of Claudia Alick. But that’s not all – Claudia also takes a fascinating detour to discuss a surprising viral moment featuring Kristen Bell. Imagine an outdoor dinner party in Idaho, with an unexpected lineup of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jimmy Fallon, and Jake Tapper. Claudia draws intriguing connections between the aesthetics of this star-studded event and the visuals of the film. But there’s more. Claudia guides us through the striking beauty of “Midsommar” and unveils its darker theme – a cult exploiting trauma bonding for recruitment. Join us as we explore the uncanny link between a celebrity gathering and the thought-provoking depths of the movie.


Midsommar film review plus reflections on the kirsten bell idaho dinner party. #kirstenbell#midsommar#filmreview#moviereview

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