Intersection for the Arts

Calling Up Justice has explored different organizational shapes that will allow us to access funding. Many times a fiscal sponsor is a necessity for collectives and independent producers. We are currently working with the fiscal sponsor Intersection for the Arts

Intersection for the Arts is a bedrock Bay Area arts nonprofit that’s dedicated to helping artists grow. Through vital resources, including fiscal sponsorship, low-cost coworking and event space, and professional development programs, they empower people to continue creating, thinking big, and taking weird and wonderful risks.

They believe art and culture are necessary elements of wellbeing. That’s why they serve people working in the arts—from artists to educators to administrators to funders.

They take the stance that artists should be at the top of the systems that were originally created to support their work. Art institutions would not exist but for artists’ creativity, sweat, blood, tears, and enormously generous hearts. They support those who take matters into their own capable hands and make their own opportunities. They stand by artists every day in their efforts to make our communities better, healthier, more exciting and dynamic places to live our lives.

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