Hysterectomy Celebration

MaiaMama is finally getting her hystorectomy! Calling Up Justice, is thrilled to be throwing a hysterectomy celebration for Maiamama. We have watched her struggle for a decade to secure this necessary surgery, all while living through a significant amount of pain. It is not uncommon for women and people with uteruses to struggle to get their doctors to trust and believe them when it comes to reproductive health issues, and it is clear that access to a hysterectomy is a crucial part of reproductive justice.

We are grateful that Maiamama is taking this week to enjoy the beach and share videos of her experience. We believe that sharing her journey is an important way to break down the stigma surrounding reproductive health issues and advocate for the importance of access to care. We are also looking forward to her final live streams before she undergoes surgery and commend her for putting her shows on break while she takes the necessary time to heal fully.

Our hysterectomy celebration consists of a padlet that will be open for the next month, where we invite everyone to post photos, well wishes, and images to celebrate Maiamama’s strength and perseverance. We believe that celebrating her accomplishments is an important way to recognize the incredible determination it took to get here and to support her as she moves forward on her healing journey.

In addition to the celebration, we have also launched a small fundraiser to help support Maiamama’s costs during her recovery. We recognize that recovering from surgery can be a significant financial burden, and we want to ensure that Maiamama has the support she needs to take the time she needs to heal fully.

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Five Gift suggestions for someone Celebrating Their Hysterectomy:

  • Comfy pajamas or loungewear: Soft, comfortable clothing is essential for anyone recovering from a hysterectomy, as they may experience discomfort and need to avoid tight or restrictive clothing.
  • A heating pad: A heating pad can help soothe abdominal pain and cramping, which is common after a hysterectomy.
  • A meal delivery service: Preparing meals may be difficult during recovery, so a meal delivery service could be a thoughtful and practical gift.
  • A care package: A care package filled with items such as tea, healthy snacks, and other small comforts can be a thoughtful and personalized gift.
  • An audio-book or subscription to a streaming service: Listening to a book can help pass the time and provide a welcome distraction during recovery. Watching movies or TV shows can be a great way to relax and take the mind off discomfort or pain during recovery. A subscription to a streaming service could be a great gift for someone recovering from a hysterectomy.

In conclusion, we are honored to be celebrating Maiamama’s hysterectomy and recognize the importance of reproductive justice and access to care. By sharing her journey and celebrating her strength, we hope to help break down the barriers that prevent women from accessing the care they need and deserve. We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Maiamama on our padlet and supporting her through our fundraiser.

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