Gaming4Justice presents at The Allied Media Conference 2022

Image from new game Can You Survive a Racism:INTERNET CONFLICT
Credit Maia Mills-Low

Maiamama and producer Claudia Alick presented a gaming stream of Gaming4Justice for The Allied Media Conference. Maiamama showed the tools she uses to create games like Can You Survive a Racism and Can you Survive a Racism: Industrial Medical COMPLEX. Our third game Can You Survive a Racism: INTERNET CONFLICT is in the process of being made and those that attended were able to see how we create a story, images and code and combine them all to make a text based choice game. They contributed to the story choices in great, fun ways in both our Twitch and TikTok audience streams. The recording is available on Youtube or Twitch. A list of resources used for game creation can be found here. And our games can be found below.

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