Gaming4Justice at Allied Media Conference July 2

allied media 2022
allied media july 2022

How can we use free platforms to brainstorm ways to grapple with dystopia and the ongoing genocide of Black, indigenous, and People of Color in the USA and also make it art? Calling Up Justice digital producers Maiamama and Claudia Alick invite community to explore this question in Can You Survive a Racism? We will use 3-4 free existing platforms to co-create several tiny video games that explore specific and broad topics of healing, justice and liberation. This game will be built from participant offerings and collaborations during the sesion. Outcomes of the session include a deep conversation during the session, a fun and educational game that should be playable by the public, and participant ability to build their own video games outside of the session. Ideally we would hold this session in an internal voice only discord space, producing a visual live stream with OBS to multiple remote audiences with chat function. The mixing of several audiences in collaborative brainstorming to imagine possibilities is core to the exercise. It all sounds way more complicated that it is to produce. We center the disabled justice, CripTime, and pleasure activism. Get ready for low stakes goofy experimentation, laughter, and righteous co-education.

Live stream of july 2 session

The Calling Up Justice practice has always included principles that are found in Emergent Strategy. This is a community we share short hand vocab and values with. Gaming for Justice is an on going project that cycles between deep game play and deep conversations on topics of justice. We move at the speed of trust.  The CAN YOU SURVIVE A RACISM format has been our opportunity to relax, let off steam, and also build ideas and a game! We’ve been developing it with a trauma informed lens. We center disabled justice, CripTime, and pleasure activism. This project is about connecting first with an intimate audience that co-designs and ideates on liberation. The principle, “Small is good, small is all. (the large is a reflection of the small)” is one we include in the design of our core audience. However we need the possibilities of fractal growth so we livestream the process for more reach.  “There is a conversation in the room that only these people at this moment can have. Find It.” is the heart of including the chat and guest speaker format.  We do this project to create more possibilities for ourselves and our families to live.

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Claudia bio

Claudia Alick is a performer, producer, designer, writer, and inclusion expert. She serves as co-president of the board of NET, produces Unsettling Dramaturgy (crip and indigenous international digital colloquium) and Howlround advisory council. She is founding executive producer of the transmedia social justice company CALLING UP whose projects include Producing in Pandemic, The Every 28 Hours Plays, We Charge Genocide TV, Justice producers convening, Co-artistic direction of The BUILD Convening, Directing Electra with Access Classics, and Digital Design of The Festival of Masks, partnering with Trek Table in addition to consulting and advising funders and companies around the country. 

Maia bio

Maia Mills-Low, aka Maiamama is a digital producer, podcaster, performer, digital designer and social justice activist living in Tacoma WA aka stolen lands of the Puyallup people. She spent a number of years working with adults with disabilities as a caregiver, vocational coach, and advocate, was a founder of Prodigal Theater Company, and a principle in Secret Weapon Productions. Maiamama is a co-host on Trek Table, the weekly podcast/talk show for BIWOC Star Trek fans. She also co-produces and hosts  Gaming4Justice, a weekly gaming stream where she talks about social justice topics on Twitch and YouTube with Calling Up Justice.

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