Fractured Atlas

Calling Up Justice has explored different organizational shapes that will allow us to access funding. Many times a fiscal sponsor is a necessity for collectives and independent producers. Curiosity Paradox uses Fractured Atlas for fiscal sponsorship.

They help individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support. That means artists can devote their effort to doing what they do best — making art that matters to them and the world. They are based in New York but our influence is national — even global, with international members.

Fractured Atlas evolved into an arts service organization in 2002, with a new goal of empowering a wider segment of the arts community in a manner that was both scalable and sustainable. They want to ignite the art of progress by providing educational resources and technological tools to help you make art that matters in the world.

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