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Early Words for Students - Calling Up Justice!

Early Words for Students

Morning pages, popularized by Julia Cameron’s book “The Artist’s Way,” can benefit students in various ways. EarlyWords is an efficient tool for this daily practice of stream-of-consciousness journaling. It can aid in clearing the mind and organizing thoughts, enabling students to start their day with a clear and focused mind.

Morning pages with Early Words help clear the mind and organize thoughts, releasing pent-up worries and allowing for a more productive day. They also enable the identification and examination of negative or self-sabotaging thoughts, which can be addressed and overcome.

EarlyWords provides a structured platform for journaling, with prompts and encouragement to help students establish a regular habit. This can be particularly useful for students struggling with the demands of coursework and extracurricular activities. The consistency of writing each day leads to the strength to be consistent in other areas of life.

Writing morning pages each day can become a path of self-discovery and personal growth. They can help identify patterns and behaviors, set goals and track progress. Additionally, they can provide an outlet for self-expression and creativity. By journaling each morning, students can process thoughts and emotions, resulting in a more positive and productive mindset.

EarlyWords also offers a community forum where users can connect with others working to release their “most amazing selves.” The forum allows for sharing experiences, offering support, and gaining inspiration from others going through similar challenges. This can serve as a valuable source of motivation and encouragement for college students. EarlyWords can be a valuable addition to a student’s daily routine, helping to clear the mind, establish a regular habit, and promote self-discovery, personal growth, and connection with others.

EarlyWords will always have an option to use it at no cost. We don’t believe in paywalls. We hope this practice is one you use to improve your life.

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