DIS REP 2023

Dis/Rep (Disability/Representation) is a yearly series of virtual dialogues focused on Disability, accessibility, and culture. It is currently co-produced by The Curiosity ParadoxCalling Up Justice, and Catalyst Consulting Associates LLC.

We’ve just completed our final Dis/Rep session for the year. You should check out the session recordings and discord and participate asynchronously with us! Our sessions featured Disability Justice, behind the music, Crip Mutual Aid, Disabled Love Politic, No Disabled Community Here, Majority Disabled Future, and Make Crip Resistance Soup. Participants shared so many powerful ideas, resources, and inspirations. Embodiment artists Monetta Wilson, Anita Hollander, Toby MacNutt,  Sidony O’neal, India Harville, and Keith Jones got our bodyminds warmed for each session. Each session closed with a dance session featuring disabled musicians Missy ElliotLachiWawaWheelchair Sports Camp, and Keith Jones, Tony Hickman, George Tragic & Daniel Pemberton. We’re updating the site with past sessions information including Dis/Rep 2020: Reading the Disability Justice Primer and Resisting Police Violence, Dis/Rep 2021: #AccessIsLove In Action, and Dis/Rep 2022: Liberating Words. You can access this work for free and you can also contribute so we can produce future Dis/Reps. Please join us now!

Dis/Rep 2023: Holding Us Together starts April 23rd

“I often think of cross-disability solidarity—the practice of being in solidarity with people with other kinds of disabilities than the ones we currently have—as being a process of learning a new language. There are […] so many things we don’t automatically know about each other, some languages we have to learn from scratch.”

— Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha from
The Future Is Disabled

What is cross-Disability solidarity? And how do we make accessible culture and gathering spaces? Join us in a 6-week relaxed virtual space with asynchronous options to discuss ways cross-Disability communities collaboratively hold accessible gathering and cultural spaces.

Each two-hour session will feature an embodiment warm up led by a Disabled artist, a short text to be read aloud, and group discussions to reflect on the reading. Each session covers different material and you may join as many as you want, or just access recordings to participate. We will also invite each participant to use their own personal bodymind experience of Disabling circumstances as a primary source of information. This is an anti-ableist, anti-racist, queer- and trans-positive space centering the needs and voices of multiply-marginalized Disabled folks, and is open to all.

Dis/Rep 2023 is co-produced by The Curiosity ParadoxCalling Up Justice, and Catalyst Consulting Associates

Session Access

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Our Zoom sessions feature baseline access of ASL by a Deaf and hearing interpretation team, as well as automated captions. Facilitators will describe visuals. It is ok to be off camera, and it is ok to arrive or leave at your comfort. Each session will cover different material and you may join as many as you want, or just access recordings to participate.

Live sessions will be recorded, then professionally transcribed and captioned for participants to take part later. We will release video, audio, and transcripts for Dis/Rep participants. If you want to participate live but don’t want to be recorded in Zoom, you may watch on YouTube and comment in the Dis/Rep Discord.

It is ok to only participate by watching recordings and not attend any live sessions.

Visit Dis/Rep 2023: Holding Us Together starts April 23rd Now!

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