Digital Encampment June Map and Update

Our camps are built on the GatherTown platform, an interactive virtual space that simulates in-person interactions. With an 8-bit pixelized video game aesthetic and familiar online video and chat features, Gather Town allows users to move through online spaces using their arrow keys for keyboard controls. Our Digital Encampment uses an open system design aesthetic where participants with design permissions can add and remove elements to the camp. It now includes original assets and an exciting curation of elements.

Transportation Description

The digital encampment is surrounded by a river and a sea and the Anti-Genocide Highway. Free Palestine Way leads east to west through the camp. In the central camp you can see Free Congo Ave and Free Sudan Lane. You can walk to most locations or use the Subway/Bus system for quick travel.



Your character spawns into the University Entrance area that has orientation and navigation materials. 


You can socialize with other participants, write on graffiti boards, access tents with links to information about other student encampments, demands, disability justice frameworks, history, and resources from Student Encampments map, BDS,  Jewish Voice for Peace, Disability Visibility, and We Charge Genocide TV for example. Check out the library and music jukebox, art canvas, 



To the south on the anti-genocide highway you will find our offices. These include our Media Office for Press Inquires, The Operation Olive Branch Garden full of mutual aid links, A kufiyyeh Shop, a Gathertown basic information booth, a Calling Up Justice LinkTree, a Comments and Suggestions office, and a Digital Encampment information booth. You can claim a desk space and decorate it in this section.


From the offices you can take the stairs down to the lounge and enjoy free Palestine and anti-genocide spoken work poetry. This section also has a stage that will allow you to be heard by everyone in the room. From here enter the Board Game Cafe and play piano, listen to chill music, play a variety of board games and justice based videogames. 


From the offices take the steps up to the ALL HANDS on our roof. It is currently decorated for the Red Line White House protest we staged there. 


The office grounds feature a river, barbeque and picnic areas.  There’s a koi pond that invites meditation and rest.  Further down the Anti-Genocide Highway there is George Floyd Square based on the actual location and in conversation with it’s organizers. 



To the north of the central camp you will find three large areas. The Land Back Land features the Elder Stories Stage and a river. It is full of items that lead back to just transition, indigenous plants, and land back resources. 


The Liberation for All 101 Classrooms contain sections dedicated to Audre Lorde, Sojourner Truth, Assata Shakur and others. It also has areas with videos and readings on the Haitian Revolution and Congolese Independence. 


Art Community Center features tons of great pixel art, and links to visual art.  It also has different entrances that lead to more special spaces like the Hut of Humility, The Moon Room, and the Private office forest.



To the east of the central camp you can find the LGBTQ2S Oasis.  It features a seaside area and links to pride events.  The bus leads to spaces like Speak Easy Gladys Coffeehouse and Studio 54b.  These rooms focus on content that is about BIPOC Queer experiences past and present. 



To the east of the central camp you can find the Quiet Plaza.  This space is focused on silent meditation, decompression, and emotional self regulation.  It has resources dedicated to exploring grief, somatics, and meditation.

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