…derelict in space

Event Report: Claudia Alick was invited to attend a digital performance event in Melbourn Australia by her collegue Andy Slater. Produced by the Melbourne Fringe Fesival. We came for the Star Trek and stayed for the immersive audio. Our favorite elements were the accessibility and thier online access-pack.

~~~~~ “…derelict in uncharted space…”

An intrepid homage to a Star Trek fan club through intersensory movement and space-time translations.
  • Concept by Fayen d’Evie and Benjamin Hancock
  • Date:Thursday, 26 October 2023
  • Time: 10:30AM (60 min)

Instructions for the Digital Event

Audiences will require a device (like a computer, smartphone or tablet) with a reliable high-speed internet connection, and headphones or speakers (good quality if available) to enjoy the radio performances.

In 1974, an amateur Star Trek fan club in San Francisco launched Project Communicator, a non-profit initiative to bring the wonderment of Star Trek to blind audiences, through descriptive radio plays. For their pilot, they chose the episode ‘Is There In Truth No Beauty’, which guest starred a blind telepath character. Despite being endorsed by the Star Trek cast, and narrated by Trek actor James Doohan, Paramount perceived the project as piracy. The pilot was never released, and Project Communicator was abandoned.

Adapted for radio by Jon Tjhia, this digital broadcast of ~~~~~ “…derelict in uncharted space…” features sound design contributions from Andy Slater, Nelly Kate and Rebecca Bracewell. Each radio broadcast is unique; each mixes recordings of a different in-person performance, capturing the sensorial shifts in performance dynamics, and in Rebecca Bracewell’s live compositions, relayed by a cast of audio describers.

Join us—from the comfort of your own couch—for an ambitious movement performance translated into audio description, that experiments with possibilities for inter-sensorial translations, beyond the boundaries of perceptual norms, and the boundaries of space-time.

Please click here to view an Access Pack outlining information about elements of the performance which are and are not accessible. This document is live and will be updated with more detailed information closer to the performance season.

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