COVID Cautious Travel Guide

lady with yoga mask wearing a mask to protect from covid

In the era of COVID-19, the importance of prioritizing safety during travel has taken center stage. This article explores community-sourced precautions ensuring a COVID-safe journey. All of these were used by Claudia Alick for cross country travel December 2024.

First-Class Travel for Reduced Exposure

Opting for first-class travel can significantly minimize exposure. With fewer passengers and more spacious seating arrangements, the risk of close contact is mitigated. This provides a comfortable and safer travel environment.

Multiple Masks!

Wearing regular KN95 masks is crucial, but for those who desire convenient hydration during flights, a clever modification involves adding a Sipp attachment. This modification allows travelers to drink through a straw without compromising the mask’s integrity. There’s also more substantial face protectors like Flomask that have a tighter seal.

Portable Air Filter

Investing in a portable air filter is an extra layer of protection. These devices help purify the air around you, minimizing the risk of airborne particles, including viruses. Compact and easily transportable, these filters can be used in various travel scenarios.

Stoggles for Eye Protection

Stoggles, a combination of safety goggles and regular eyeglasses, provide an effective barrier against airborne droplets that could enter through the eyes. Adding this protective layer complements the use of masks and helps safeguard against potential infection.

CO2 Monitor

Monitoring indoor air quality is essential during travel. A portable CO2 monitor helps assess the ventilation in confined spaces, providing valuable information about the risk of virus transmission. Keeping an eye on CO2 levels ensures that you are in well-ventilated areas, reducing the likelihood of exposure.

Covixyl Nasal Spray

Covixyl nasal spray, recommended by the community, offers an extra line of defense by creating a protective barrier in the nasal passages. This innovative solution helps reduce the risk of viral entry through the nose, adding an extra layer of protection to your travel routine.

Special Mouthwash

Using a specialized mouthwash designed to target viruses and bacteria is a valuable precaution. The community suggests incorporating this into your pre-travel routine to help minimize the risk of viral transmission through the oral route.

Hand Sanitizer

Regular and thorough hand sanitization remains a fundamental practice. Always carry a trusted hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content and use it consistently, especially after touching surfaces or before eating.

Communication with Hotels for Air Purification

Prioritize communication with hotels to ensure they have effective air purification systems in place. Knowing that your accommodation prioritizes clean and filtered air adds an extra layer of reassurance to your overall safety during the trip.

As we navigate the complexities of travel in the age of COVID-19, these community-sourced precautions offer a comprehensive approach to ensuring safety at every step. By incorporating these measures into your travel routine, you can confidently embark on your journey while minimizing the risk of exposure and prioritizing the well-being of yourself and those around you. Claudia Alick used these methods and found the greater safety made the travel much more comfortable.

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