Claudia Not Safe for Platforms

March 1 2024 For Claudia’s birthday we presented content and speech that she can’t share on the platforms. The evening included poetry, stories, and speech she get’s suspended, banned and suppressed for. All she wanted for her birthday was uncensored space for an evening and for folks to support her work and give her encouragement throughout the year.

Claudia told stories about tumblr, tiktok, facebook, instagram, and others. The stories were about times she was suspended for talking about COVID safety (labeled as misinformation but it was ALL FACTS) for talking about supremacy culture and racial justice (labeled as hate speech) for being attacked by Steven Crowder (labeled as harassment and bullying) and so many others. The audience sang karaoke songs in-between Claudia’s poetry and stories. It was a very fun time full of big ideas, racial justice, and music we did not have the rights to share!

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