Anticapitalism for Artists

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Anticapitalism for Artists is an inclusive education community dedicated to raising the class consciousness of artists of all kinds in order to transform the living conditions of both arts workers and the world.

They offer an array of politically-focused education courses and events accessible to artists and creatives of all modes and practices. This is provided regardless of professional title, or formal training, all on a donation-based pay model.

They reject the elitist and hierarchical methods of academia in favor of cooperatively learning from each other and fostering community.

Their work and community stand on the principles of overcoming racial capitalism, heteropatriarchy, settler-colonialism, and imperialism.

A Conversation with Boots Riley

Filmmaker, musician, and organizer Boots Riley talks with the A4A team and community about the role of artistry in revolution, de-classed racial politics, making anticapitalist art within capitalism, and more, in this special conversation during the Anticapitalism for Artists Launch Weekend.

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