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2022 Liberated DEI Talk Space

Calling Up Justice supports programs and projects of it’s practice members. To support Matthew Reynolds we speak in and sometimes facilitate his Liberated DEI Let’s Talk Clubhouse room. We also did hyper link performances on twitter which we have deleted from our platforms. The result is a weekly space for regular decolonization and ungaslighting. There’s also the recording that are like a podcast. Listen to real people talk about liberation, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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2022 Events and Programs

In 2022, Calling Up Justice offered a variety of events and programs for community empowerment and enjoyment. The Dis/Rep project was a series of virtual engagements focused on disability representation and accessibility. The Justice Producers Collaborative connected justice producers monthly cultivation calls. The Calling Up Justice Residency offered artists amenities such as an editing and recording studio, a private garden, and a comfortable bedroom, as well as field trips and fun activities. We Charge Genocide TV added additional resources on the ongoing genocide of Black, Indigenous, and Trans communities, and the Every 28 Hours Plays created a resource page for artists in Akron, Ohio responding to the killing of Jayland Walker. The F the Gala event reimagined traditional gala fundraising through a virtual program promoting accessible, inclusive, and equitable practices, featuring interactive spaces for discussions and idea generation. It was a full year of great work we are all very proud of.

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f the gala step and repeat

F* the Gala

F* THE GALA has been our year-long digital performance and social experiment around arts fundraising. Folks are experiencing liberating exploration of decolonizing wealth, critiquing toxic philanthropy, and analyzing our performance in the arts fundraising ecology. We received anonymous contributions of ideas from Fundraisers, Donors, and also artists. We have had special guests witness and contribute to artistic and thought provoking offerings throughout the year that resulting in a culminating event and report to the wider national arts community.

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Trek Table Season 3 2022

Calling Up Justice supports Dela Project Trek Table . Trek Table is a weekly livestream ritual holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and their Allies. We gather with Trek heads, newbies, generational Star Trek families, and the sci-fi curious to explore, celebrate, and dive deep into Star Trek Discovery. Maiamama and Claudia Alick join as on air talent, segment producers, and graphic designers.

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hold on wait for it episode 6

Hold On Wait For It Episode 6

After Episode 5 of Hold On Wait For It was lost and episode 4 was yet to be edited here is episode 6 of Hold on… Wait for It! where Claudia and Maia after a long wait discuss the wisdom of 3 year-olds, their addiction to media, acorn flour, Star Wars, defragging, why my sister has a better nerd card than me, mortality, downtime, Ferguson, what the kids are into to, getting cut off by Skype, Community, Chevy Chase, Monty Python and our inability to stop talking to each other.

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hold on wait it episode one accio rosa parks

Hold On Wait For It Episode 1

hold on wait for it podcast .Topics include: Harry Potter, Magic, Facebook posts, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Googling things, Podcasting, Skyping, Instant Messaging, BuzzFeed, Game of Thrones, Real Estate, Gender, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman, Spoilers, Shakespeare, Poutine, Drake, Jack Frost, Sherlock, and the definition of TRUTH.

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Photo by Jay Yamayta. San Francisco. American Conservatory Theater. 2018

Every 28 Hours Plays Jayland Walker Action

In 2012 a study found that every 28 hours a black person was extrajudicially killed by vigilante, security guard, or the police in the United States. This statistic was immediately contested and the country is still embroiled with addressing a problem it struggles to acknowledge. Inspired by the conversation we needed to have this project was developed. Currently produced by Claudia Alick and CALLING UP, The Every 28 Hours Plays project was originally developed with The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and The One-Minute Play Festival with over one-hundred artistic collaborators across the country. Collaborators include Tony award-winning artists, activists, family members directly affected by police violence, politicians, cultural organizers, and law enforcement. The project consists of over seventy short plays that reflect the current civil rights movement, and tools to help your community address these issues, grow empathy, and become healthier. We offer the plays on a Pay What You Can model as part of our philosophy of radical generosity.

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