Calling Up Justice Across Space and Time

calling up justice across space and time workshop image

Calling Up Justice centers accessibility in everything we do. Disability Justice demands we produce in ways that are accessible in-person and remotely, live and asynchronous. In this 90 minute presentation we celebrate remote access design choices we have made and a share examples of dynamic digital producing to get inspired by. We end the session with Q&A and resource sharing so everyone can produce events inspired by the models we shared.

This workshop has been presented for the Inclusive Theater Festival, and the Pandemic Solidarity for Life Event.

Calling Up Justice operates on a RADICAL GENEROSITY model, emphasizing equity and social justice. We invite all clients to think about what our offering is worth and then how much they can afford to pay. This is pay what you can with an added layer of consciousness of labor and value. We agree to subsidize the gap between what you can afford and what the work is worth. The goal is to ensure everyone benefits beyond monetary compensation, with tools and resources shared with the wider community. Calling Up prioritizes justice and also fair compensation for cultural producers.

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