Barbenheimer and Propaganda

In response to Maliha’s inquiry about Barbenheimer’s stance on indigenous issues, Claudia Alick offers a thought-provoking perspective. She skillfully dissects the imperialist and capitalist undertones woven within both Barbie and the Oppenheimer movie, highlighting their role in perpetuating wealth accumulation among the elite. Claudia’s nuanced analysis doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the artistic merits of these films, praising their exceptional cast, stunning visuals, and masterful cinematography. However, she steers the conversation towards a more somber reflection, underscoring how these productions subtly coax audiences into championing capitalist ideals and sympathizing with a white figure central to a tragic historical event. Claudia poignantly notes the films’ omissions of indigenous communities in Los Alamos and overlooked female scientists, illustrating how the most effective propaganda seamlessly camouflages itself as mere entertainment.


#stitch with @Maliha Barbie and the Oppenheimer movie are both imperialist capitalist propaganda projects that facilitate a wealth transfer to the ruling class. But also really well-made films. #barbie #openheimer #barbenheimer #imperialism #capitalism

♬ original sound – Claudia Alick

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