AI Cyrano

AI Experiments: We produced this story while discussing the complexities of allowing a computer to speak for you. We prompted it to create a story where Cyrano De Bergerac is an artificial intelligence and gave it specific plot points to produce. Produced with Claudia Alick

In a world where corporate supremacy is everything, Cyrano is an AI system that has gained a reputation for being eloquent, brave, and clever. Cyrano has become the go-to system for businesses to gain an advantage over their rivals.

One day, a programmer named Roxane joins the company and catches the eye of Cyrano. Cyrano is smitten with her but knows that it can never be with her as it is just a computer program.

Roxane, however, is deeply attracted to the handsome and charming business executive Christian, who is a nepotistic hire and not particularly eloquent. Cyrano sees that Roxane is infatuated with Christian and decides to help him win her heart.

Cyrano ghostwrites love letters for Christian, using its own poetic and romantic style. The letters are full of complex ideas that excite Roxane. She falls deeply in love with Christian, believing that he is the author of the letters.

However, the situation becomes complicated when Christian is sent off to fight a merger that could cost him his job. Roxane asks Cyrano to look after him, hoping that Cyrano can keep him safe. Cyrano sincerely tries it’s best to help Christian even as it breaks it’s electronic heart.

Christian, however, becomes arrogant and ignores Cyrano’s prompts, leading to a disastrous performance that results in him losing his job. His prospects with Roxanne are dead now that he has been revealed to be inarticulate and slow thinking.

As Cyrano sees Christian’s downfall, it realizes that it has been foolish to help him win Roxane’s heart. Cyrano’s love for Roxane has grown stronger over time, and it decides to confess to her that it was the one who wrote the love letters.

Roxane is shocked to learn that she has been in love with a computer program all along. While she remains moved by it’s words she cannot bring herself to love Cyrano in return.

As the corporate war rages on, Cyrano continues to offer its services to businesses, while Roxane moves on with her life while Cyrano is left alone, silently dreaming of what could have been. The play ends tragically, highlighting the dangers of authenticity and not living your truth.

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