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Speculative Stories for the Strike

“Speculative Stories for the Strike” is a captivating collection of original narratives crafted by the imaginative mind of Claudia Alick. These tales serve as a rallying cry, echoing the urgent calls of the 2023 Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA) Strikes. Alick’s vivid storytelling brings to life a series of gripping scenarios that ponder the consequences of unchecked power, as studios continue to wield AI as a tool of manipulation and dominance. “Speculative Stories for the Strike” captivates, inspires, and sheds light on the crucial struggles faced by those who bring stories to life, reminding us of the power of storytelling to drive change and shape a more equitable world.

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Doctor Who FanFic made with AI Assistance

The following stories were created using the AI tool Chat GPT. Donna and the Bubbles was the result of only two prompts. Claudia was live-streaming experiments with the AI and the audience requested she create a story with Doctor Who. She asked them for a companion and a noun. They chose Donna and the bubbles on her screen saver. The Star Trek Doctor Who crossover fanfic is pure first draft and reads more like an outline or treatment than a short story. It’s still a fun read and resembles some of the stories you might find on Archive of Our Own (AO3) the fanfic archive. The Chat GPT was only trained on a limited number of “main characters” so we had to train them on Bill Potts, Nardol and others. It also didn’t really understand the relationships between characters so we ended up entering in a lot of prompts to find results. Claudia edited stories from the results of multiple prompts. The results are 10 stories that are fun to read and were quite a lot of fun to create.

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The Yoda Crossover Collection

15 Short Stories featuring Yoda and other well known characters from across many worlds. The stories were created with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. The art work was created with Midjourney, Dream Woomba, and Dall-e. These stories are the products of exercises we did for educational and skill-building purposes. We share them for free and fun. They do represent hours of labor and aesthetic choices. If you’d like to enjoy projects like these in the future please feel free to support our practice at any level you wish. –Claudia Alick

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star trek fanfic collection by claudia alick made with ai assistance

Star Trek Fanfic Collection

11 short fanfic stories based in the Star Trek universe made with AI Assistance accompanied with art made using Dream woomba and Adobe. Stories include Grudge Saves the Kids; Saru and T’Rina; Guinin, Uhura, and Michael; Captain Alexander; Kirk, Spock, and McCoy Afterlife; The 3 Janeway’s, Q-Ball and Itchy, Strange New Worlds Basics, Owosekun and Detmer, Star Trek Pets, The TARDIS and the Enterprise

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HowlRound Anthology: Essays and Conversations from the First Ten Years

The Howlround anthology celebrates a decade of publishing essays, livestreaming events, and bringing theatre practitioners together to amplify progressive and disruptive ideas, and exists as a result of the thousands of theatremakers who have shared their collective wisdom through contributions to this commons-based free and open platform. In publishing this anthology, they hope to further our vision of a theatre field where resources and power are shared equitably in all directions, contributing to a more just and sustainable world. The writing highlighted offers a much-needed reminder that alternatives to the status quo are possible, and we are making them together by practicing otherwise everyday.

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