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Calling Up Justice supports foundation of NW Arts Streaming Hub - Calling Up Justice!

Calling Up Justice supports foundation of NW Arts Streaming Hub


Calling Up Justice is supporting the emergent platform NW Arts Streaming Hub.  Claudia Alick was posting content to the Transmedia Producing page and scouting for potential partners and happened upon this organization as it was forming.  She began by volunteering, joined the advisory board and later the governance board.  NASH provided streaming support to We Charge Genocide TV and they collaborated to create a pay what you can OBS class with Producing in Pandemic. 

From NASH:  On March 11, 2020, in response to the rising novel coronavirus pandemic, Governor Inslee shut down all public gatherings of more than 250 people. Shortly thereafter he prudently stopped virtually all gatherings. This essential step to slow the spread of COVID-19 also immediately closed all public venues for artists. It was clear that creatives would need a new virtual space to reach audiences both old and new, and help generate revenue. Thus, NASH was born. We are building a website that aggregates the best live and on-demand video content in the Northwest. As we continue to develop NASH, you will be able to find a wealth of incredible projects – from theatrical productions, to concerts, to arts education classes ready to stream to your living room, to informal comedy hours, to gallery and backstage tours of cultural sites across the region, to podcasts and talks with cultural leaders. 

Artists and arts organizations who join us benefit from a collaborative and unified marketing approach which helps to build a larger audience and more awareness for our entire creative community. Our marketing team will consistently feature new artists both on our homepage, and our social media pages. Artists who need technical assistance to raise their production value will find NASH a great source of technical mentoring, better lighting and audio equipment, and a connector to talented production technicians and resources.

Additionally, we will consistently promote individual donation pages and opportunities, asking our audience to donate directly to the artists themselves if they see something they like. NASH is committed to never taking a cut of these donations – we want 100% of what artists raise through their work to land directly in their pockets. 

By creating this central site for live and on-demand Northwest art, we will not only make it easy for the art loving public to find work by their favorite artists – but we will also be creating a space where people can discover new and emerging talents. Come for a concert, stay for a puppet show. Lastly, while our immediate focus is promoting Northwest artists, our work will now have global reach and can be discovered by people anywhere in the world. If you see something you like, don’t forget to donate. We hope that NASH will inspire you to support living artists and their work!

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