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NASH IndieFlix & Calling Up Justice Collaboration - Calling Up Justice!

NASH IndieFlix & Calling Up Justice Collaboration

Clapperboard, film reel and popcorn on wooden background, top view
Clapperboard, film reel and popcorn on wooden background, top view

December 2020

Calling Up Justice has been supporting Northwest Arts Streaming Hub (NASH), since its founding early in the pandemic, connecting artists with digital venue and revenue. The mission of the Northwest Arts Streaming Hub (NASH) is to serve as a channel guide and digital venue for multidisciplinary artists and their content. We help artists find audiences, and audiences find meaning.

NASH is signing an agreement with IndieFlix and we are curating streaming content on their site. IndieFlix is an American entertainment company offering global screening and streaming services that promote and support social impact art (historically film, but they are now branching out). IndieFlix’s streaming service offers a monthly subscription based service to access thousands of high-quality shorts, features, documentaries, and series from 85 countries, thousands of film festivals and the top film schools. With IndieFlix Streaming, we reach a global audience. The channel is non-exclusive, so our artists continue to be able to publish their materials on different platforms. 

NASH will have our own channel on Indieflix and this channel will go live in January 2021. By June of 2021 we will be able to share details about the viewership our content has received – and, most importantly, we will be able to PAY ARTISTS for that time. On average, content earns between $0.03-$0.05 per minute watched.  NASH is currently planning on paying artists 75% of profits and using 25% to cover admin costs. However, we are not looking to turn a profit. If our 25% is more than the cost required to run this program, we will split that profit amongst our artists to get them more money. 

Calling Up Justice is so VERY EXCITED to feature the work of foolsFURY Build from here, Museum of Dead Words, LA Commons Festival of Masks,  AfroFI TV with afro-futurism sci-fi, and the We Charge Genocide TV June 1 live broadcast. This would not have been possible without the work of artists and producers Claudia Alick, Tahir Bell, MC Dyalekt, Deborah Eliezer, Leslie Tamaribuchi, and Toran Moore.  Big thanks to Marcus Hughes, Kali Grau, Karina Ithier from Calling Up Justice and Lily Raabe of NASH for the quick turnaround work getting this packaged.  Stay tuned for more updates on this great step in connecting social justice streaming content with the people. 

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