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Why should you learn to build your own Videogame?

Writing your own videogames can be a powerful way to empower BIPOC and women by promoting greater representation, challenging the status quo, and providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. It can also be a way to achieve financial independence and break down barriers to economic opportunity. We recommend watching Gaming4Justice episodes where Maiamama is building videogame. Visit the Gaming4Justice playlist on our youtube channel. Also visit Itch to see the games Maiamama has built.

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How to use Twine

Gaming4Justice is Working on game creation in twine and other programs. Twine is a popular tool for creating interactive, text-based stories and games. It allows you to create branching narratives and build complex gameplay mechanics using simple, easy-to-learn syntax. Here’s how to use Twine to make your own text-based game:

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Photo by Jay Yamayta. San Francisco. American Conservatory Theater. 2018

Every 28 Hours Plays Jayland Walker Action

In 2012 a study found that every 28 hours a black person was extrajudicially killed by vigilante, security guard, or the police in the United States. This statistic was immediately contested and the country is still embroiled with addressing a problem it struggles to acknowledge. Inspired by the conversation we needed to have this project was developed. Currently produced by Claudia Alick and CALLING UP, The Every 28 Hours Plays project was originally developed with The Oregon Shakespeare Festival and The One-Minute Play Festival with over one-hundred artistic collaborators across the country. Collaborators include Tony award-winning artists, activists, family members directly affected by police violence, politicians, cultural organizers, and law enforcement. The project consists of over seventy short plays that reflect the current civil rights movement, and tools to help your community address these issues, grow empathy, and become healthier. We offer the plays on a Pay What You Can model as part of our philosophy of radical generosity.

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The Anti Racist Racoon

The Anti-Racist Racoon is a videos series created by Claudia Alick in 2021-2022. First published on Tiktok as shorts interspersed with other content. Check out this adorable racoon debunk racist talking points, give vocabulary lessons, and share topical observations.

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WCGTV 2021

Calling up Justice started We Charge Genocide TV and with it produced a news website, 2 Live-streamed variety style presentations and 2 music playlists in 2020. In 2021 we presented short form content on tiktok and Instagram.

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Trek Table Season 2

Trek Table is a weekly livestream ritual holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and their Allies. We gather

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Trek Table 2020

Trek Table is a weekly livestream ritual holding Trek Space for Black, Indigenous, Brown, Women of Color (Queer or otherwise) and their Allies. We gather with Trek heads, newbies, generational Star Trek families, and the sci-fi curious to explore, celebrate, and dive deep into Star Trek Discovery. Trek Table is a little like Sports Center meets a Quiz show, with lots of Improv and a sashay of Ru Paul’s Drag Race while sitting around the table having tea or a bowl of salad to hear women of color’s thoughts, opinions and insights on Star Trek Discovery. It’s a ritual. So we hold space. We breathe together. We laugh and sometimes, we have Star Trek fights – with our phasers set on stun.

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