Transmedia Performance

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F* the Gala

F* THE GALA has been our year-long digital performance and social experiment around arts fundraising. Folks are experiencing liberating exploration of decolonizing wealth, critiquing toxic philanthropy, and analyzing our performance in the arts fundraising ecology. We received anonymous contributions of ideas from Fundraisers, Donors, and also artists. We have had special guests witness and contribute to artistic and thought provoking offerings throughout the year that resulting in a culminating event and report to the wider national arts community.

9 photos of claudia alick doing live writing sessions

NaNoWriMo and Early Words

We have been holding live writing sessions on tiktok using the EarlyWords platform. We love how it helps us track our word count and gives us encouraging prompts while we write. We were invited to participate in National Novel Writing Month and used this as our excuse to launch the live writes. We held 30 hours of writing over the month of November.

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CripTech Incubator and Gray Area Metaverse

VR, AR and spatial audio present significant access frictions and barriers for disabled users and creators; as such, this lab seeks to generate collective/participatory access through virtual and in-person convenings with the goal of imagining new creative pathways for experiencing metaverse artworks amongst participants and future audiences. Two virtual meetings (January 2023 and March 2023) …

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Civic Media Leadership Social Hour Gaming4Justice Success!

Please enjoy Maiamama’s report out for her presentation with the Civic Media Leadership Social Hour with USC Annenburg Innovation Lab on Gaming4Justice and open source accessible Video Game design. Hi everyone! Maiamama here. I’d like to thank the Annenberg Innovation Lab ( and the USC Civic Media Fellowship for hosting and attending our social hour …

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Million Mask March ONLINE

Our Million Mask March is to protest ending mask mandates. We invite everyone to post a photo or video to our digital March since we can’t meet in person safely without mask mandates. Our Digital March is an online protest to the eugenics filled policies of COVID denial. We can’t march outside together safely because not enough people are masking. Help us reach 1 million masks. This project was conceived by Tinu, produced by Claudia, and graphic designed by Maia.