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DAY FOUR: Ableism

30 Days of Racial and Disabled Justice A system that places value on people’s bodies and minds based on societally constructed ideas of normalcy, intelligence,

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gaming 4 justice


Our social justice gaming stream project is designed as a weekly digital space for personal connections and further consciousness raising with fun entertainment thrown in! 

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a old photo of black woman at freedoms leave looking out for black futures

Watch Night

In 2021 the Calling Up Justice practice collaborated with Ayodele Nzinga to produce “The Call”. This livestreamed ritual began the digital Watch Night that we have now expanded to be a durational performance. Our Perpetual Watch Night lives in a digital space where we can all leave messages and wishes for Black lives throughout the year.

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poster for The Call


Presented in Collaboration with BAMBDFEST 2021 InternationalA community ritual by Ayodele Nzinga produced with Calling Up Justice July 31 2021 Digital Space Opens 11:30 This Simple

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