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CripTech Incubator and Gray Area Metaverse

VR, AR and spatial audio present significant access frictions and barriers for disabled users and creators; as such, this lab seeks to generate collective/participatory access through virtual and in-person convenings with the goal of imagining new creative pathways for experiencing metaverse artworks amongst participants and future audiences. Two virtual meetings (January 2023 and March 2023) …

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NTP New England Regional Convening

The National Theater Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts is delighted to announce the 2022 National Theater Project Regional Convening in New England. Regional convenings are part of NEFA’s effort towards understanding the theatremaking ecology across the nation, with past locations including in Jackson, MS; Phoenix, AZ; Minneapolis/St Paul, MN; and Knoxville, TN. We are excited to resume this practice here with our local community in a hybrid three-day event.

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Justice Producers Collaborative November 2022

This gathering continues to magically be the perfect size and population. This month was a comfortable mix of regulars, newbies, and folks who have been absent for a few months. Our justice producing practices covered men’s wellness, tech industries, visual arts industry, film and television, gender justice, indigenous and climate justice, disability justice, and racial justice. Several more seeds to lead you to knowledge or places to to support were planted in the JUSTICE COLLABORATIVE GARDEN

Civic Media Leadership Social Hour Gaming4Justice Success!

Please enjoy Maiamama’s report out for her presentation with the Civic Media Leadership Social Hour with USC Annenburg Innovation Lab on Gaming4Justice and open source accessible Video Game design. Hi everyone! Maiamama here. I’d like to thank the Annenberg Innovation Lab ( and the USC Civic Media Fellowship for hosting and attending our social hour …

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These alliterative techniques for responding to injustice from Claudia Alick of Calling Up Justice are inspired by bystander trainings, peer exchange sessions, and personal experience. The “three D’s” are ways to respond direct, delayed, or delegated response. The “seven R’s” are types of response Request More Info, Redirect, Remove, Reflect, Reframe, Record, Re-educate.

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“I’m One of the Good Ones”: Ugly Laws, Survival, and the Power of Celebrating Things that Aren’t Pretty

It was just me understanding that if I am a coded as being societally “ugly” in specific ways that I will not receive the care and treatment I need. So, I told myself, “I have to be the most attractive sick person, the most able-bodied-looking sick person.” Adding on to that, I also am expected to complain about not being able to aerial dance and do exercise shit. So that people really know that I’m one of the good ones, the one that they should save.