Ghostlight Artistic Interpreting Agency

ghostlight access artistic interpreting

Calling Up Justice is so thrilled that Keara Beck Ott and Angelique Pinkston are starting their own Artistic Interpreting Agency!
They bring cultural competency and a necessary racial diversity to projects. We were so impressed with your ability to bring an artistic eye to the aesthetics of accessibility for our award winning production of Electra with Access Classics.  We reached out to you specifically for The Call/WatchNight 2021 with Calling Up Justice because of the need for racial sensitivity for this Black only event. You provided a soulful and brilliant interpretation allowing us to live our values of access for all. We recommend your services highly.  

Ghostlight: The light left burning granting access to an otherwise  completely dark stage.

Whether you’re on-stage, working backstage, or sitting in the audience, there is nothing like experiencing a live performance. The crowd. The energy. The stage. The lights. The art. As lifelong performers, we at GhostLight know first hand the pure magic of live theater and performance. Collectively we bring over 25 years of interpreting  experience as well as  our individual backgrounds in acting, dance and performance to the services we provide. By incorporating specific interpreting techniques, through the beauty of American Sign Language, a language taught and entrusted to us by the Deaf Community in which we serve, we seek to create inclusive audition, rehearsal and performance spaces for all actors, performers, and audience members.

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