Calling Up Justice 2022 CoWorking and Community Spaces

holding hands together

The Calling Up Justice practice connects remotely in our coworking and collaboration spaces to dream and design in decolonized models, combine resources, share skill sets, and get inspired by a shared focus and dedication to our shared liberation. These are digital spaces where we can have exchange regularly.

Everyday we do EarlyWords, a morning journaling practice.

This site is open to all. We communicate via encouraging tweets with this program. Sign up and add us to your circle!

MONDAY: Mornings 9:00-10:00am PST Development and Fundraising Co-Working Space

This co-working space is welcome to all CUJ collaborators to fundraise for their own practice and collaborate on our F*ck the Gala project. There are breakout rooms for grant writing, development experts, and community for accountability

MONDAY: Afternoon 4:00-5:30pm PST Communications and Co-Working Space

This co-working space is welcome to all CUJ collaborators to cross-promote and amplify each others published and live work. Are you looking for more followers? Looking to get a message go viral? Looking to fight algorithmic suppression.

WEDNESDAY: Mornings 9:00-10:00am PST Liberated Equity Diversity and Inclusion Clubhouse Room

This voice only space is produced by Matthew Reynolds and Trena Bolden on the Clubhouse platform. It’s welcome to ALL! It’s a space to listen or speak on consciousness raising topics

WEDNESDAY: Afternoon 3:00-4:00 Gaming4Justice on Twitch and Youtube

This live streaming space produced by Maia Mills-Lowe is fun to listen to a great conversation on different social justice topics, watch cool visuals, and participate in the chat.

Saturday: Morning 9-11 Racial Justice Co-working Space

This co-working space is welcome to all CUJ collaborators to cross promote and collaborate on personal racial justice projects. Calling Up Justice is currently working on The Every 28 Hours Plays and We Charge Genocide TV

Sunday: Morning 10:00-12:30 Calling Up Justice organizing and Admin

This is welcome to Calling Up Justice organizing team members. This is where we manage active projects, our mutual aid fund, tech-co-op, and build the administrative supports that allow all other co-working spaces to function.

Sunday: Afternoon 3:00-4:00 Trek Table on Youtube

This is open to ALL! Produced by De la Project this live streaming show and podcast featuring justice informed BIPOC femme hosts is available to watch and chat live and also you can listen to the podcast!

Monthly: Justice Producers Collaborative meet first Saturday of the month 11:00-12:30 PST

This is open to all who identify as justice producers working for their own marginalized community. This is a rejuvenating space for relationship building

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