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Calling Up Justice and NET

WHY the Network of Ensemble Theaters?

Calling Up Justice is invested in the transformative power of collaborative creation, shared power, and bold artistic and civic experiments.

WHAT is the Network of Ensemble Theaters?

The Network of Ensemble Theaters (NET) is a national community of artists and organizations dedicated to collaborative creation working to propel ensemble theater practice to the forefront of culture and society. NET defines ensemble broadly to include collectives, artists, co-creators, practitioners, producers, scholars, educators, teaching artists, students, cultural workers, organizers, activists, policy makers, funders, community partners, and other allies.

HOW do Calling Up Justice and NET intersect?

Claudia has served as vice-president, and co-president of NET Board of Trustees for several terms.  Claudia brings the tenets of Calling Up Justice and their expertise as a facilitator and change-maker to the organization as it responds to current issues and helps shape the future of justice, advocacy, and ensemble-based performance.

Some key collaborative moments include:

  • Facilitating the rapid shift of the initial NET Ensemble MacroFest 2020 scheduled in Albuquerque to a transmedia town hall forum for immediate field-wide response to the international shutdown due to COVID-19. 
  • Applying the digital producing expertise of Calling Up Justice to the development of NET’s Connector app, a platform to support peer-to-peer networking within the ensemble community set to be launched in early 2023 that received significant funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Collaborating on the dynamic development of NET’s Accountability Statement committed to anti-oppression and anti-racist practices and principles and dedicated to taking concrete steps to redress harm. 

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