DAY ONE: 30 Days of Racial and Disabled Justice

Day One post of 30 Days of Racial and Disabled Justice

What are some sources you use for preferred language? Comment below with sources that work well for you and your community. 
Source: Calling Up Justice

Language is a tool we use to communicate and perform with each other. The words we use to describe concepts begin evolving the moment we put them into use. They are refined, more deeply or diversely defined, co-opted, and/or redefined as culture shifts and society grows. There are different contexts in which meaning might shift. Do not aim to memorize and repeat the “right” words or to police others vocabulary. This is missing the forest for the trees. Instead familiarize yourself with concepts in order to build a shared vocabulary and analysis with your community. Always listen to marginalized people and use their preferred language. Communication is a mix of what you are literally saying, what you mean, and how it is received. 

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