TCG-Disability in Theatre Roundtable

AUG 12, 2020

TCG-Disability in Theatre Roundtable

This Pandemic and Racial Justice Uprising has had me busy doing, but not sharing the story of what I’ve been doing.  I’ll continue this slow work of catching this space up when I get moments and breaks. Please know that your investment is having big impacts…. Allright, back to catching us up on the pre-pandemic work!

Tuesday, January 14th from 11:00am to 2:00pm

I had just flown back from NYC after collaborating on the Network of Ensemble Theaters MacroFest and seeing some great work in the Under the Radar Festival.  I couldn’t afford to stay in NYC for an extra few days to attend this conversation in person.  I really loved that they made it accessible for mixed presancing, but found that the in-person experience was privileged.  The room was a mix of great disabled artists, advocates and theater makers working on the thing I am most obsessed with- culturally producing justice. Folks around the table and over zoom shared good points that I have heard many times over the years.  

There was the inevitable “white disability culture” moment, where I had to Call Out our communities habit of arguing for disabled justice by saying Institutions have been investing in racial justice and it’s now “our turn”.  As if Disabled Justice can exist without Racial Justice.  It’s using a white supremacy culture definition which erases the intersectional needs of BIPOC Disabled folk. Institutions often claim poverty when failing to meet access needs. The truth is Justice is an unlimited resource. We shouldn’t limit it in our rhetoric and imagination.

Props to TCG for investing in this work and I liked that it was recorded so we shouldn’t have to repeat it.  Perks to integrating digital platforms,-increased accessibility, connectivity, and you can record it! Big shout out to all the BIPOC and marginalized folk working inside and outside of the institutions who helped put that room together, manage, and participate in it.  Bios and department descriptions attached


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