Producing in Pandemic (PIP) is on indefinite hiatus

Producing in Pandemic (PIP) is on indefinite hiatus. The pandemic is not over. We are not done producing. There continues to be desire and need with our producing community and several guests were scheduled for future sessions. However Producing in Pandemic emerged spontaneously and without sustainable design. It has been under resourced since January, but we loved it and kept it going through pure energy. The Calling Up Justice aims to produce with humane scheduling and PIP is bringing us out of alignment with that.  There’s still so much to learn.  The international community and collaboration and growth that has emerged from our weekly gathering is inspiring.  Congratulations on relationships built, new skills learned, and all the great artistic collaborations. 

We are maintaining our discord server (visit now to connect to the VR and AR work shared this past week) Link to our Transmedia Discord server: This forum is a great location for conversation and resource sharing.  We also are maintaining the facebook group where projects will continue to be promoted and shared.   Engaging in the digital space helps maintain the relationships that keep you connected.  Be sure to share the word about your work so we can experience it! Thank you for your continued perseverance and innovation in a changing and challenging field. 

Big thanks and gratitude to all the folks who helped us organize and build this space. Kholoud, Dani, Maia, Sabina, Tanya, Robyn, Patricia, Lucy, Heather, Rebecca thanks for your additional labor on the discord, FB group, and youtube archive.  Big thanks to everyone who presented with us. We will be in touch regarding next steps for the archive of our collective learning together! 

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