Vera NASH Youth Streaming Project

As part of our leadership work with NW Arts Streaming Hub and forwarding our value of LEARNING we partnered with VERA and served on their advisory board helping in the design and implementation of the programming.

This program is a partnership between VERA and NASH with two primary components: 
(1) a 12-member youth cohort who will receive up to 20 trainings that build their skills in live-streaming, video/audio production, editing/design, and business. Youth to receive one-on-one support, payment for the creation of 2 content pieces, and a $500 mini-grant to purchase some of their own equipment. 
(2) a 4-5 member curatorial fellowship that will give advanced students the chance to curate 8 episodes of “NASH at Nite” a variety show featuring local artists. Youth will receive a stipend of $600 per episode curated, and featured artists will receive a stipend for the use of their content in the variety show. 

Digital Production Lab NW Curriculum Outline

Digital Production Lab NW Curriculum Outline

Advisors: Staff, Community Partners, Creative Youth Supporters

  • Jason Clackley (he/him) – Artistic Director, The Vera Project 
  • Levin Betron (they/them) – Education Manager, The Vera Project 
  • Lily Raabe (she/her) – Project Director, Northwest Arts Streaming Hub 
  • Alvin Thomas (he/him) – Marketing & Tech Director, Northwest Arts Streaming Hub 
  • Matt Sherrill (he/him) – Project Manager, Northwest Arts Streaming Hub 
  • David Sauvion (he/him) – Food Innovation District Project Manager, Rainier Beach Action Coalition
  • Claudia Alick (she/her/they/them) – Board Member, NASH; Founder, Calling Up Justice
  • Simon Okelo (he/his) – Founder, One Vibe Media 
  • Ashraf Hasham (he/his) – Youth Arts Manager, Office of Arts & Culture Alex
  • Rose (she/her) – Creative Economy Advocate, Office of Arts & Culture 
    Ricky Graboski (he/his) – Executive Director, The Vera Project 
  • Tracey Wong (she/her) – Communications Manager,
  • Totem Star Sharlese Metcalf  (she/her) – DJ, KEXP 
  • Carrie Siahpush (she/her) – Interim Executive Director, Arts Corps 
  • James Miles (he/his) – Executive Director, Mentor WA

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