THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!  Turns out we needed to hire literal additional staff to find the capacity to  share all this great stuff with you.  Below are links to connect to some of our labor and accomplishment during 2020.  It’s been a wild time to build and transform in the midst of great chaos. Your consistent support and encouragement has been vital to this continued work.  This year we had international impact, direct help for artists and locals across the country and a lot of advocacy success. Some of us are remaining full time and others will be moving back into other labor but we all remain part of the Calling Up Justice Community. Thank you for your continued support and participation. This work is needed now more than ever. 

— Claudia Alick and the entire Calling Up Justice Team

PUBLICATIONS: Articles Claudia Alick wrote or was interviewed for that reflect Calling Up Justice Practice

PODCASTS: Podcasts, IG Lives Claudia was interviewed for that reflect Calling Up Justice Practice

PERFORMANCE: A selection of links for performances Claudia participated in collaboration with the Calling Up Justice Practice

PUBLIC SPEAKING: Panels, Public Speaking, and Workshops for Claudia Alick

MOVEMENT WORK: Some of the community and advocacy work from Claudia Alick

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