Chronic Stress Brain

March 26

This is a gentle reminder to have realistic expectations for yourself.  Some have shared stories of Shakespeare writing plays during the plague. First of all HE had a royal sponsor but ALSO– You are not “working from home”,  you are “sheltering in place at home during a global pandemic”…which is different.   You might also be having trouble thinking  as fast as you have in the past due to increased constant stress.  When the stress hormones cortisol, adrenaline and/or norepinephrine are present for too long or in excessive quantities, they overwhelm and exhaust the brain. We covered the bodies natural reactions to trauma in our flight, fight, or freeze section and many of us are experiencing a big freeze response to a challenge we cannot beat up or run away from. So remember you are stressed, reach for those resources for decision making while feeling defensive, and be kind to yourself.


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