Racism is a Virus

March 19– 

#racismisavirus Make this trend. Take photo with the hashtag. “Hello Friends, I was inspired recently by pictures of Asians and Asian Americans standing up to the prejudice and xenophobia around the Corona virus. The visual of Asian folks fighting back and saying NO was very strong for me, and I imagined how important it could be for social media to be flooded with Asian (and Allies!) faces with a unifying sign and some text calling for an end to 45 and others using the term “Chinese Virus”. Our race and culture has long been associate with being the polite, quiet, model minority- and while stoicism bears much honor within our parents cultures, it’s time for us to speak up. **Would you be willing to take a selfie with a sign bearing the hashtag #RacismIsaVirus and posting to your social media? ** Here is a graphic you can print. Also, if you want to make your own sign, please do. What is most important is seeing Asian and ALL faces standing up to this racism.

Thank you and stay well, reach out if you need anything.

Shout out to Ariel Estrada for the hashtag, Viveca Chow and Alex Chester-Blank for the inspiration. We are all in this together

In solidarity,

Diane deBoer-Phelan “


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